Things to Avoid if you want to make your WordPress Website Faster

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Are you always worried that your WordPress website is slow? And don’t know why? then don’t be, here we’ll discuss 7 points that you need to avoid if you want to speed up your WordPress. 

Avoid Slow WordPress Themes 

Picking up a poor structured WordPress theme can cause you lots of trouble and slow speed is one of them, it will always keep your website slow no matter which hosting provider you use, because in WordPress a theme controls almost everything that is visible at the front-end of your website and that’s why recommend you to do not purchase a theme without checking their code structure if you really want to make your WordPress fast. 

Avoid Large images Usage 

Large images increases load time and page size, so consider using lite weight images for your website and if you have large image then compress them before upload, this way you will be avoiding image compression plugins and in results you will have faster load time, use https://tinypng.com/ if you want to compress all your images for free. 

Avoid too many custom fonts. 

Don’t use more than 2 custom fonts in your WordPress, and if you use only one then that would be great, every single style loads a separate file which increase load time, while picking fonts from google consider avoiding italic and bold styles if they are not required because each font and style takes about haft second to load so only add what you need.  

Avoid page builders as much as possible. 

Divi, Elementor, WP Bakery, Beaver Builder – They offers great features and functionality but they add lots of scripts and stylesheets in your website, which definitely increase your load time, so only use them if you really need them, for example if you have a blogging website then you don’t need a page builder for that because almost every blog theme comes with pre-designed pages that you need to build a blog.  

Remove or Deactivate Plugins you don’t need 

If you are frequently using a plugin but your website is not using it 24/7 then deactivate that right after the usage and if you don’t need a plugin after using it once then delete it immediately, because plugins do occupy space in your database and lite database == faster load time. 

Avoid the Broken Link Checker plugin. 

Broken Link Checker works continuously in the background, scans your website and offer you the list of all broken links. it uses server’s resources to do that which do make an impact on your website speed, so avoid it in long run, just run it once and get the list of all broken links and delete that plugin and if you need to redirect broken link to somewhere then use you server for that. 

Avoid plugins that demand a high level of resources to work. 

Some plugins by nature use lots of server recourses and cause you slow WordPress backend and front-en both, and if your WordPress admin panel is slow and you’re wondering why check out high-CPU plugin list, maybe you are using one of them and if yes then try finding an alternative.


Light weight = faster speed so use plugins as you require them, not because you want to add fancy features to your website and don’t forgot to check theme code structure quality before purchasing it. 

Mohammad Nishat

Mohammad Nishat

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