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How to Enable Lazy Loading for Images, Videos and Iframes in WordPress

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LazyLoad displays images, iframes and videos on a page only when the user reached them by scroll, this way it reduces website page size and page load time. Lazyload is great for blogs and magazine websites which have lots of images and videos in them. 

In this article, we will learn How to Enable Lazy Loading for Images, Videos and Iframes in WordPress Website. 

There are two ways to integrate lazy loading in your WordPress, one is by plugin and second is by manually through code, but here we will learn how to integrate lazy loading via WordPress plugin and we’ll use Lazy Load – Optimize Images plugin by wp-rocket to do it. 

Let’s Gets Started 

To Download Lazy Load – Optimize Images plugin go to Plugins in WordPress Admin Panel then click Add New button. 

Now Search “Lazy Load – by WP rocket” in Search Bar and click Install now button once installation is complete then click on Activate button to activate Lazy Load – Optimize Images plugin. 

Lazy Load plugin By WP Rocket

After Activation a setting page called “Lazy Load” will appear under the Settings section in WordPress admin panel, click “Lazy Load” from there and Lazy Load Plugin settings will appear.  

There will be three option in there: “Images”, “Iframes & Videos”, and “Replace YouTube videos by thumbnail” check whatever you want to lazy load and then click Save Changes. 

Plugin Settings Page

These options will lazylad your images, iframes, videos and replace your YouTube videos with thumbnail (this way YouTube video only load when a user click on thumbnail play button. Which is an amazing way to keep you page load fast if you have YouTube videos on them.)   

That’s it you have done! You have successfully integrated lazy loading in your WordPress. 

Mohammad Nishat

Mohammad Nishat

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