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We’re Coderare, we build lightning fast Themes, Plugins & Websites for WordPress, so you can connect with your customers and earn better.
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Website that takes more than 3 seconds to load looses 90% of their customers?

Slow website frustrate customers and keep them away from purchasing anything from you, which cause loss in business and we understand how you feel, that’s why all our products & services are built with modern code practices, to give you guys fast website & peaceful growth in revenue. Research on speed by Google


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Website Speed & Security Optimizations


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Faster Speed, Boosted Search Ranking & Better Growth in Revenue

Businesses that have slow website are most likely to lose money, because no one wants to browse slow websites and it can also hurt Search Ranking , because slow speed creates a poor user experience and majority of search engines including Google does not allowed that.

That’s why at Coderare Speed is our main concern. We helped over thousands of businesses to overcome slow speed with our accelerated products and services.

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25,466 infected websites were found in 2018 & 90% of them was WordPress

Leading cause of the infections & viruses, came from poorly configured themes & plugins, poorly configured servers and a lack of knowledge around security best practices. These issues continue to be the leading causes of today’s website hacks, Research by Sucuri.

That’s why in all our products we’ve maintained every WordPress security standards and used modern approach to build them secure to give you strong and safe environment to grow your business.

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Most Businesses are hanging with slow WordPress, that's why we build fast & secure WordPress themes, plugins & websites, so you can connect with your customers and earn better.